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Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies
Links to local and international distributors of Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies.
The Publishing and Display Handbook
Links to local and international distributors of The Publishing and Display Handbook.
The Reading Activity Handbook
Links to local and international distributors of The Reading Activity Handbook.

Readers’ Theatre

Education World
Prepared downloadable scripts. Click onto professional development then to Readers’ Theatre.
Giggle Poetry
Go to Poetry Theatre section for some great, funny downloadable poems in Readers’ Theatre script form.

Three Level Guides

My Read
Information on Three Level Guides and a downloadable guide – Bagging the berg.
Teaching Strategies
New Zealand Ministry of Education site with examples of Three Level Guides in a variety of curriculum areas.
English Online
Information on Three Level Guides and a printable guide using the story ‘Beans’ by New Zealand author, Patricia Grace.


Simply The Best and Da Font
Fantastic sites to download free fonts. Has kid type handwriting fonts plus fonts from TV programmes like The Simpson’s’ and ‘Family Guy’ fonts.
Make your own newspaper clipping or clapper board.
Block Posters
Use your own photo to make a huge poster – it divides the photo up and you stick it together!
Big Huge Labs and Dumpr
Two very cool sites where you can do all sorts of fun things with photos to make amazing classroom displays.
Maori patterns and borders
Green Flame Graphix and
Two sites with New Zealand Maori borders and icons.

Reading Strategies

Into the Book
Multi-media interactive site to support both teachers and students. Look at 'teacher area' and 'student area'. (top right hand corner) Fun activities. Definitely worth a look!
Open Court Reading
Useful wall charts and book marks to support the teaching of reading strategies.
Making Connections
Information about the “making connections” strategy.
Tools for Reading, Writing & Thinking
Some great activities to support the teaching of reading strategies.
Reading Strategies
Ohio Resource Centre information on the strategies and support for teaching them eg: graphic organisers.
Skills Wise
English site with great explanations and interactive activities for skimming, scanning and summarising strategies.
Great website to find interesting news articles written for kids – use for reading strategies activities.
Academic wordlists
Lists of words most commonly used in academic learning.

Reading Activities

Web English Teacher
Lots of ideas for independent book assignments for competent readers.
Lots of fun activities for using the book ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.