Resources & Links

On this page you will find links to collections of resources and to useful websites for reading strategies, reading activities and graphics sites.  The ‘Great websites to motivate students in reading and writing’ section contains links to my current favourite websites for engaging students in all sorts of literacy – have fun!


This collection contains links and resources to help you teach comprehension strategies. Many of the resources were developed by teachers who have generously shared their work to help support other teachers.View more
This collection supports independent reading for older students. It contains a student reading inventory, ideas for finding books for independent readers and developing a reading culture.View more
This collection contains links and ideas for using music in your literacy teaching.View more

Great websites to motivate students in reading and writing

Answers to questions (wonders) – there is an archive of wonders and you can send in your own wonders.View more
An amazing collection of videos that could be incorporated in endless ways to engage students.View more
Articles on a variety of curriculum areas – most have video clips to go with them.View more
UK site with a huge range of user-friendly resources and lesson ideas – images, music video’s, film clips etc.View more
Short clips showing how things work.View more
Australian ABC news website – great for current events – new items have printed transcripts to go with them.View more
Student version of TED talks.View more
Examples of book trailers made by kids to use as exemplars.View more
Book selling website where you can download book excerpts.View more
Official website for GoPro cameras. Great for writing personal recounts from a different perspective.View more
10 minute interviews with people who lived through moments of history. These engaging interviews bring a personal perspective on world events.View more

Reading Strategies

Multi-media interactive site to support both teachers and students. Look at ‘teacher area’ and ‘student area’. (top right hand corner) Fun activities. Definitely worth a look!View more
Averil Coxhead’s lists of words most commonly used in academic learning.View more
Great website to find interesting news articles written for kids – use for reading strategies activities.View more


Great website that allows you to make your own billboards, trading cards, maps, jigsaw puzzles etc.View more
Download some great free fonts from this site.View more
Use your own photo to make a huge poster – it divides the photo up and you stick it together!View more

Reading Activities

Lots of ideas for independent book assignments for competent readers.View more
Lots of fun activities for using the book ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.View more