Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies

Are you concerned about students in your class who can decode but have no understanding of what they have read? Current research indicates that we should be explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies to students. This workshop takes this research and turns it into classroom practice. It is based on Sheena’s experience of teaching strategies in a real classroom. It answers questions such as, ‘Are the strategies hierarchical? How long should I spend teaching each strategy? and ‘Do I teach them to the whole class or in groups?
3 or 6 hour options
Teachers of Year 1-8 students, RT Lits, RTLBs

The workshop will also cover

  • Current reading comprehension research
  • Clarification of the strategies
  • A model for how to introduce strategies
  • Student activities that support strategy teaching
  • Practical examples of recording on-going learning


“Thank you so much – this was excellent – clear, practical and very useful. An excellent day – very worthwhile.”
Katherine Woods, Diocesan School for Girls
“An outstanding course. Fantastic presenter – practical and hands-on. Got so much out it. Thank you.”
Colleen Wassung, Kristin School
“Sheena’s practical strategies for INSTANTANEOUS use in the classroom, coupled with her solid research base and easy presenting style, made this a fantastic workshop. I found the dot-to-dot connections activity has great ‘bang for your buck’, in terms of predicting and making connections before delving into text.”
Cath Widdifield, Christian International School, Hong Kong